The start of an art series

I’m writing this with a concussion and a sore back... It's not the best choice to be fair, haha. But what can a girl do? I have a head full of ideas and thoughts that need to come out, so here I am. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you just have to go with the flow... Maybe I needed this time to rest. I needed this time to get my head straight? Or maybe it happened just because. To the curious people wondering what happened, I fell off a young horse and landed wrong. So now I’m at home trying to do nothing, but you can see (read actually) how good I am at doing nothing...

So, I came up with a whole series. I was scrolling on social media, for the 15 minutes I could handle, and came across some lovely artists. It was about pricing your art, knowing your worth, etc. It started some thoughts in my head. Looking at those reels, I felt uncomfortably exposed, and what better way than to share these vulnerabilities for the world to read?????

I think these are topics more people need to see and hear about. Yes, there is already so much content about this, but it is not enough. So many people still feel so alone in their experiences/thoughts/feelings. Knowing there are more people out there wondering the same can be freeing. I know it was for me. So here I am, just spreading the same thing, hoping to come across that one person who needs to hear the same thing I did and still do.

It’s not all about art, but I like to associate this with MorgansArtshop because, for me, this business is about growth and having a voice. So, it may not all be about art, but the message is there all the same.

Here is to finding our authentic selves. ❤️

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