- Art speaks where words are unable to explain - 


I draw on commission,. In this way you can have an lovely potret of your animal. Tthis can be done with different mediums. I draw in graphite, charcoal and pastel. In addition, there is also plenty of choice about the size. You can choose the standard sizes such as an A5 or an A4. But do you prefer a square? Or a circle? Then of course that is also possible!

Graphic design

And then a very nice new development. The graphic design! I have studied this a lot lately and have come to love the profession more and more. Along the way, I'm learning how to work as a graphic designer. Because this is a beautiful way of combining designing and creativity!

It's about logos, business cards, occasion cards such as, wedding cards or birth announcements, labels, ect.

If you are interested, please send me an email.