In other words, a portrait of your pet! Would you like to have your animal captured by 1 of the styles below?
MorgansArtshop is known for drawing pet portraits. A unique drawing of your own pet!
See below for more information:

Placing an order

What do you send in the first email? I would like to receive your name and address in the first e-mail. In this e-mail you can also send the photo(s) that you want me to draw. In the e-mail, you indicate what size you want and which medium.

The mediums





Standard sizes

10 x 15   €30,00
A5  €45,00
A4  €60,00
A3  €87,00
A2  €125,00

The prices are for 1 subject in a drawing. This means that if you have multiple subjects, such as 2 dogs together, the price will be increased by €7.50.

Square sizes

10 x 10   €35.00
15 x 15     €45.00
20 x 20  €55.00
25 x 25    €70.00
30 x 30  €85.00

In addition, the prices do not include shipping costs.
The shipping costs are €7.50 - in connection with packaging and shipping.

Round off

With the information you have sent to me, I can create an invoice. Here you will find an easy overview with the final price.

It's always useful to send multiple photos so I can get a good picture. But this is not mandatory. However, it is important that the subject of the drawing is clearly visible. Unfortunately, I can't make a commissioned drawing with blurry/crooked/unclear photos.

- Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate -